Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Worse: an interactive story

A few years ago at two in the morning I was walking along the shoulder of the New Jersey Turnpike with my saxophone on my back, wheeling along two bags on wheels. I told myself, this will make a good story. And it does.

Here is a different story.

August 9-08 1:00 AM

Or was a different story.

I took it down tonight. I am going to keep moving in a direction in which I can best serve. And maybe that's what I have to learn here.

Every word out of our mouths is living material for building. I'd rather build something beautiful and useful. I don't want to stay turning around in anger. Behind anger is grief. I am grieving. And I will let it be what it is....There is always change. I don't understand the why of this one. There is mystery.

It is raining in Honolulu. I will be rain.


alan said...

Tell the administration that if you are hot heard, you will go to the media, or authorities, or both, with the evidence from the archives.

I have been there and done that.

Pratt Institute 1971.
And I WAS fired for this.
But the students called the Administrator before them and said:

"If you fire Alan, we all walk."

They needed the tuition money more, so they rehired me.

I resigned the following year. It was clear that the Adminstrator had plenty of new tricks-up-his-sleeve to let me stay but make my life miserable.

Some jobs just are not worth our silence.

"The only winning-play is not-to-play" (WAR GAMES)

Anonymous said...

I guess I would come from the students point of view here. I would not be able to trust anyone that did not want to be in his/her position. Then it would be hard to trust the professor that did the pictures because of deciet. Do what you want to do in your own life but do not include students.

Cindy said...

I believe in the force of karma. What we project comes back around whether or not we are able to see immediate results. I would have to stand still and look inside myself and acknowledge my own creative intent, mindfulness, and patience. If I believe what I teach makes a difference then I'd stay...wear the spirit of creativity and vision knowing that there are greater forces at work and make sure my feet stood in the light.


Anonymous said...

I agree that it is time to go public. The abuse of power, the serious negative effects on students, the poisoning of a university department are all too egregious to ignore. If all the appropriate university channels for grievance have been exhausted, then the only recourse is to seek some kind of action in the public arena. It may be necessary to look to a national venue, such as the Chronicle of Higher Education, or even a national TV forum. It sounds as if the university environment is so twisted and unreal that it would be useless to continue battling those academic windmills. Seek some fresh air and some justice outside of the sick climate you are in, and know that you are doing so for the sake of tyhose who have been wronged as well as possible future victims. The perpetrator can only feel empowered by the bizarre course of event thus far, and will surely continue to hurt those around her.