Ocean Mind

Tonight I went down to Hui Nalu for a Monday late afternoon, a few hours before sundown, paddle. The winds have been up, carrying squalls of rain. It's been too long since I've been out on the water. The ocean, like tears, carries away sadness, anger, fears. And, as I have many times before, entered into the ritual of gathering together, carrying the canoes out to the water's edge, lining up for seats, getting in, acknowledging the canoe, the water, each other (there are six to an outrigger, and tonight we had a double-hull, and three single six-man canoes) and setting out, together. We didn't paddle far, nor were we in race training mode. Because of the winds instead of going out we headed up into the marina. We went for awhile, turned around and came back out in time to see the sun disappear into water. This is part of the ritual. Then we headed in. We carried the canoes back up, gathered together for the closing chant, then parted into the dark. When I arrived I was in my cluttered mind. When I left I was back in my ocean mind. On the drive back I remembered how many of my blogs were derived from what came to me out there, in the water. Tonight the ocean mind reminded me of forgiveness. And told me to be kind, even to those who test me. Every thought is a wave.


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