Floyd Red Crow Westerman

Floyd left us this morning.
He left a trail of music, friendship, support for Indian people, inspiration--
Charlie Hill reminded me this morning, that every time Floyd spoke into a mic, he stood up for us.
When I taught at UC Boulder in the mid-eighties, Floyd agreed to visit my class. He had just come from Brazil where he had heard that business men often engaged hunting expeditions to kill native people.
He was generous, funny and always there when you needed him, his words, his songs.
Travel well.
Don't forget us.
We won't forget you.

December 13, 2007

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Canary said...

I will always remember you.
The Longest Walk when we first met.
You picked up your guitar and sang to me.

Soulful eyes, one heart...spirited and lovely daughters.......

Beautiful journey, Floyd.

To his family and others close to him....i have no words.
The sweet smoke.... and the prayer fire for all.