To be awakened by the song of a small bird who is grateful for the dawn, while tradewinds embrace the island is a gift.

I revel in it and will carry it forth. Between dreaming and waking in this place is the storehouse of messages and songs. It is often difficult to shape them into English, into these linear, written lines. Yet, some of them crave form and ask to be born.

I tend to friendships with visionaries and healers, to those on the path of knowledge beyond linear time. Often they are artists of some sort, poet or musicians. Sometimes they do not come near this place at all. When I see one acquaintance of mine, an English medium, I see him as a field. He's very fluid and is a gifted messenger between earth reality and spiritual worlds. Each time I see him I see that his gift has been tended and the field has deepened. I met someone recently who is just as gifted, and appears more as a field than as a cohesive point. Maybe the quantum physicists are right about energy acting as both particles and waves. Perhaps even larger beings or collections of energy can act as particles or waves. Others I know are more earthly in their expression. They appear more compact in manner. Maybe it's this way with all beings. Some people have appeared to me as dense in structure, though they may be lithe, slim. Others have much space running throughout--like internal space for tradewinds.

As I awaken I am aware that this is one story and that the story has different outcomes according to the choices. I try to keep an awareness present even as I tend to forget the elegant density of a life or lives beyond western time, beyond linear space.

So I will get up, make tea, go outside, pick up an elderly friend, go to the Farmers Market, work on a proposal, work on a horn and flute solo, clean house....and yet inside is a constant stream of awarenss, of plant, wind, tonal, image, sound awareness...

Now, how to balance? And be aware? And keep in mind the music.

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