For Jim Pepper Freaks, a Twelve Hour On the Air Pepper Music Frenzy

In-between semesters, WHRB (95.3 FM and www.whrb.org at Harvard Univ.) plays "orgies", where they play albums uninterrupted for a particular artist or theme.
On January 12, from 6am to 8pm (12 hours!), Jesse Morgan Righthand, WHRB dj, will be hosting a "Jim Pepper Orgy".

The Pepper Orgy will air on WHRB, 95.3FM, from 6am to 8pm on Friday, January 12.
WHRB programs throughout greater Boston;
If you can’t get it on the radio, you can a live stream on the Web at: www.whrb.org & click on the "stream live" option on the home page.

Please be sure to call in and tell Jesse what a wonderful thing she’s doing – especially if you’re not in the Boston area. She would love to hear from Pepper fans everywhere and anywhere! Alaska, California, Hawai’i, Oregon, Vienna, England, China (yes, we have China on this mailing list!), Denmark, Switzerland, France – wherever you are, call in just to say hello….

Mark your calendars – this Friday, Jan 12 from 6am to 8pm (east coast US time)

“Big World, Big Love!”, as the man would say…

-- Bill

Thanks Bill Siegel

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