I Find Refuge

After arriving at Libbie's in Patagonia, we are greeted by this flower.

That night Patagonia High School has a bonfire. We pass it on the way to the store.

A rainbow after a little rain this morning.

After I fill the hummingbird feeders I come across this baby rattler. We observe each other for awhile. I've never been so close to a rattlesnake. I've always fled. The little rattlesnake had never been so close to a human. We were wary at first, then we studied each other. I asked him to remember this visit, and to tell his relatives to never cause harm to the various kinds of humans who live here: people, dog, horse or cat.

I think of Leslie Silko who is close to rattlesnakes. I remember how one of them came to me in a dream to give her a message. It tugged on my pant leg. When I called her and told her the message she said it was exactly what she needed to know.

This morning I'm thankful for friends, of all sorts.


Thivai Abhor said...


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Our intent in this section of the issue will be to collect a wide range of bloggers and link up to their statements in regards to why they blog (something many of us are asked) and any statement they have on the theories/practices of blogging.

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On another note, I sincerely must thank you for the joy, motivation and inspiration your poetry has provided to me and my friends. I have tattered, annotated copies of your poetry that have been handed from person to person, all of us finding something meaningful and profound--I simply cannot convey what your poetry has meant to us.

Peace, Love and Understanding

Eric Dutton said...

I loved this post. It's exactly the kind of beauty I needed just now.
It reminds me of the effect of haibun, which would be appropriate for a piece of writing about travel.