Earthquake in Hawaii

This is all I know.
I get a call from the yard of our little house out in the Pacific.
There's been an earthquake, and aftershocks.
The house is shaking, the shelves are rattling. Electricity is out.
No phone service, except on the cellphone, to some numbers,
not others.
I scour internet news. And local Hawaiian tv and news sources on the internet
from my computer in Albuquerque.
All we know is that there was a 6 point something on the Richter scale near the Big Island.


What I do find on CNN is "Christine Amanpour Reports":

12,000,000 AIDS orphans in Africa and counting.

A child who is interviewed who has lost both of her parents to AIDS says they need help, and medicine.

Do what you can.

These are our relatives.


jason uechi said...

Yes, hopefully we can find out more soon. Talked to relatives on the Big Island (Kona, South Kona) -- lots of rocks on the road, lots of stuff down and broken in the houses (cabinet's emptied, glass broken). No injuries in my family, thank goodness....

Good luck to you Joy. May Pele be gentle on us all.

Bobbie Hart O'Neill said...

Joy-This is Bobbie O'Neill, editor of Native Unity Digest - http://nativeunity.blogspot.com.
I understand you are in D.C. and wonder if you are familiar with an organization called "One Nation United". I came across it the other day from the AZ Democrats- I'm in Yuma-in conjunction with a story on Sen. Kyl. bobbieo@digitaldune.net

Joy said...

Bobbie, You're thinking of Suzan Harjo, not me. She's the one who lives in D.C. and runs the Morning Star Foundation.