"Security", the traveling Creek Show, and Mars

This morning on a land refreshed by evening lightning, the news is there are terrorists roaming the land, again. Security at the airports is heavy. Why don’t we get the terrorists out of key leadership positions in this country? And why is our “Homeland Security” so sure that their cultivated enemies are going to do the same thing again? Why would they be so obvious? Part of the plan is to instill fear in the public, and consequently obedience, to make it easier to work their plans to takeover the world in the name of democracy and peace. Do you see democracy and peace in place wherever imperialist governments have set a heavy foot? Use your common sense.

In this educational system the head becomes swollen with facts and figures, most of them applicable only to a particular system of thinking.

Get beyond that to the level of compassion, which is the beyond-eagle-eye-view. There you can see and know the relative truth of the matter. There we are all related.

There is no rationale or argument in the world that would convince a council of women to sanction a plan to bomb and kill women and children, or to attack except only in self-defense.

When I am out of this body I dread the heaviness of history, of my own tendencies to forget. When I am in, I am captivated by the possibilities for beauty, by the gifts.

Last weekend I was honored to be part of the “Traveling California Muscogee Creek Show” as officials of the Muscogee Creek Nation of Oklahoma and those heading up the various tribal agencies visited their western relatives in the LA area and Stockton, California. Everyone worked hard to present, speak and interact and reconnections were made. We caravanned from LA to Stockton, for the two-day series of events on little or no sleep and heavy doses of caffeine.

It’s not easy going home after leaving for awhile, and for many of our California relatives, seeing their Oklahoma kinfolk was a little like going home. Makes you lonely and happy all at once. And those at home tend to be suspect of those who have left. They become unfamiliar, capable of strange habits and dress. Yet connections were made. I won’t forget Joseph Jacobs in Stockton. We figured out how we are related on the grid of genealogy. Nor will I forget the how my heart opened with each laugh, with each handshake or hug. I got caught up on all the gossip, the stories, the highs and lows. And feel even more resolute to help contribute to the quality of Muscogee Creek life, both here and there.

The one person at the heart of the matter is Eli Grayson. He works tirelessly. He is the one who has searched out and called and looked for every Muscogee Creek citizen he can find in California. He studies the issues, history and looks into the future with sure vision. He also makes sofkey and ribs for the meetings and lifts a heavy share of the burden, both literally and figuratively. These are the kind of people who will insure that we get from here to there with some kind of grace. Grace isn’t just pretty. It’s also sweat, muscle and blood with the punch of tough belief.

Mvto Eli.

And mvto this life which feels unbearably heavy these days.

And mvto,Moon. The Moon reflects back the story, and this full Moon has been calling strongly for our attention.

And one other thing before I head out into the day: on August 27th Mars will be closer to the Earth than it has been for several thousand years. Does this surprise you?

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wolfhawaii said...

Yes, the god of war is fast approaching.....all the medicine people I talked to over the last 3 weeks and thousands of miles say the time is growing short to prepare...you are in my thoughts and prayers, Joy....stay safe. Wado, Steve