First Day of Classes at UNM, And

because of a family emergency I have my oldest and youngest granddaughters as visitors while I prepare for a 5 1/2 workshop.

No words tonight.

Sleep tight.


Gramercy Galleria said...

Dear Joy,

I've been reading your work since the original edition of "She Had Some Horses." I am happy to have found a piece of your voice on the web. You continue to inspire me.


Geert said...

Hello Joy,
I've been trying to find out when you are coming to Syracuse, N.Y. and where exactly??(which you mentioned when I met you after your fantastic reading at the Taos Writers Conf.in July) I have been teaching your poetry for years in my Nat. Am. Lit. classes and this fall I plan to incorporate your poetry and music in my two Composition Courses and in a new Creative Writing course called "From Storyteller to Writer". I listen to the 2 CDs I bought at the conf. nearly every day. Really hope I can experience another of your readings/happenings in Syracuse soon. Take care,
Sheryl de Jonge-Loavenbruck

Erin Hughes said...

My name is Erin Hughes, I am an English Teacher at Wickenburg High School. I enjoy your poetry very much, especially She Had Some Horses. It is probably an odd request, but I was wondering if you'd be willing to come to one of my English classes. I ask because I have good students that I cannot give meaning to through a textbook. I have a particular boy, Luis, who in no way stands out. He does to me very much. He is a good boy, a hard worker and is absolutely average. Yet he is unique to me. I also have several Mexican students that I am trying to find better literature for other than again the text book. I have good classes with the regular chatter, but nothing to really make their eyes open up. I am a new teacher, but I want good things for my students and our curriculum is limited. I only have one or two Native American students and I don't want them to blend in blindly with the the rest of my students. Luis has an average story and an average life. Never gives me any trouble, never sticks out. And I suppose he shouldn't, but I don't want him to blend in the "wrong" way by being ignored. I am trying to find some special ways to hook my sutdents into literature besides earning the average B. That is not what I want for my students. My white boys take up a lot of my attention. I am trying to focus some of my lesson on my Mexican and Indian students to bring a more dynamic view of literature into my classroom. Any help would be apprieciated.

Erin Hughes


lkhionoihn said...

Is there a chance that you would ever be in Texas? I would love to hear you or attend a seminar. If I'd of know of the one at UNM I would've tried to attend. Do you have a schedule posted anywhere?

lkhionoihn said...

For future refernce, there is an annaul International Poetry Slam in Austin I know I'd love to see you there.
website is: www.aipf.org

Joy said...

I'm getting the newly designed website up soon (next week). The schedule will be on the site.

As far as going to Wickenburg--Isn't that in Arizona? I'm not anywhere near Wickenburg...nice thought, though--There's many native poets, writers and musicians. Mostly, students will pay attention to engagement, to love.