"From the Moon We All Look The Same"

It's late. Just after eleven p.m.. Drove through a hlll of ghosts over Likelike from Kaneohe. Some strange and tricky winds. And stranger yet,a white cat stops in our lane while coming up the hill. We have to come to a total stop and go around the white cat. The winds follow us up.

Tomorrow the McFarland Race at Waikiki. It's my favorite. And I'm slated to race in a mixed crew. We race out and race and surf back.

Last week finally saw Gore's Inconvenient Truth. It's an important treatise about global warming and how it relates to the various modes and forces of environmental destruction. The scientific research matches up exactly with native prophecies. Basically both say, if things don't change and we're still making mountains of diapers, styrofoam and pop cans, then: learn to swim or run.

(Indians are also an "inconvenient truth", especially in these hyper-politically correct times.)

What stays with me are the images of earth. The first, the classic "blue marble of Earth" image was released from NASA around the time my son was born, in late 1968. The environmental movement can be ilnked to the image surfacing in national and world consciousness.

We are definitely alive and there is no separation or apparent hierarchies. We are one. Or I. Or we. "From the moon we all look the same." (from my poem/song "Promise")

A later image is taken from the Odyssey, from far far out into space. It's the image of Earth from farthest away.

We are casting light. Even Earth is dreaming.

We have to help each other out in this mess. All of us.

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