A friend from India sent along a message with a posting of images from the bombings of civilians, i.e. (to circumvent journalistic language: babies, children, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles--or should I say, OUR babies, children, mothers...then we would know the true weight and depth of the matter) in Lebanon. Or Palestine, or Iraq, or U.S., Israel, or Europe, or Africa, or Canada---

The weight of this image of children signing bombs to be sent to destroy other children is almost unbearable.

This is the result of religious fundamentalism--of rigidity and judgement. Or a system that demonizes anyone different. Or any system that sets up Winners and Losers. No one will win and everyone will lose.

Yes, poetry has everything to do with this. Where do you think poetry comes from? It emerges from the field, like stars, flowers, weeds and concrete.

We will either lift everyone up, or take everyone down.

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lkhionoihn said...

check this out from a website for military families against the war. Who has depleted uranium? Was the pot calling the kettle black?