Mother Bear's, San Pedro,CA and Urgent Request

Friday morning in San Pedro. I awake not knowing where I am. Yesterday I was in Albuquerque, the morning before in downtown Minneapolis, the morning before that Albuquerque, before that, Indianapolis--and so on.

I pull on my human skin, and start all over again.

So much to report, I'm not.

Headed to rehearsal and soundcheck for an event tonight at Mother Bear's Gallery
619 S. Mesa Street
San Pedro, California 90731
(310) 221-0057 phone
(310) 221-0714 (fax)

Opening prayer/blessing by Cindi Alvitre 8:00-8:15
Mankillers 8:15- 8:45
Shaunna McCovey 9:00-9:25
Joy Harjo 9:30-10:15
Arigon Starr & band 10:20-11:00

PLEASE PASS ON AN URGENT REQUEST: Will R. from Lebanon please email me, again. Didn't get a chance to talk in Mpls..

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