Forget Fly Away

Okay. Scratch the lyric, Fly Away. Not there yet. Not at all. It works with the music but too many cliches. Yet. Most poems I work on for sometime, though some come nearly all at once. The crafting takes time, a focused ear, and a feel. Like the horn,too.

I'm thinking about a contest for readers of this blog to win a copy of the Native Joy for Real. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, late. No high thoughts. No low thoughts. It's all one thought. Below me are the lights of Honolulu. One of the late Mainland flights to San Francicso or Los Angeles lifts off. Birds are quiet. No gecko chirps. Worked out several tunes on my tenor ukelele. No words. Sometimes have to step back, or step off. The wild zone is beyond thinking.

CD Report:

Will be signing after the Native Roots and Rhythms show in Santa Fe August 21st, and on August 22nd at Bookworks in Albuquerque on Rio Grande Blvd. at 3PM. Hope to see you there. If anyone knows any Washington DC contacts for September please advise.


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