Native Joy for Real

Please check out the new song, The Last World of Fire and Trash. Let us know what you think. The album will be available for sale by mid June on the site. The official release date is September 2004. The tunes are:

The Last World of Fire and Trash
Fear Song
Hold Up
Woman Hanging
Reality Show
Eagle Song
This is My Heart
Morning Song
Had it Up to Here Round Dance

Please note that these are all new tunes. Musicians include: Harry Orlove, guitar; Jennifer Condos, bass; Jay Bellerose, drums; Carolyn Dunn, voice and drum; Teresa Obra Padua, voice and percussion; Ralph Guzzo, percussion; and FEATURING Charlie Hill improv and voice on the Had It Up to Here Round Dance. Wonderful co-producer and engineer, Richard Barron of Sonora Recorders.

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