Fear Song

It's late afternoon on a Tuesday afternoon. There's a heat wave outside. The final mix of Fear Song is captured to disc. The countdown is on to the completion of this project, to need for the realization of kindness in this crazy world. What insanity, to invade a country for private interests, and manage to deceive millions of people into standing behind you, for God, who are willing to send their sons and daughters as fodder for such foolishness, because they are afraid. These so-called leaders in this crusade for oil and money could be the consummate magicians, wizards, or how about small time crooks swollen to massive proportion? This is part of the creation story of this country, an old theme of invasion and destruction of precious ones in this world. This country was a project of their civilization project. Civilization? A civil country is one in which leaders are chosen on the basis of their commitment and love for all their people, not for how much they own, how much money they make, and who they've managed to buy off with promises and oil. How dare the monsters send their emissaries of armies of poor people to stand in someone else's home with blood on their hands and ask to be welcomed.

Fear Song is an offering against this kind of madness. May we remember the truth of the matter. We must remember how to trust our perceptions and dreams. They will reveal the stink behind the glitter.

Be kind to someone.