And Miles To Go...

I was so looking forward to the movie Miles Ahead, about the life/music of Miles Davis. Davis's horn is ethereal, in the beyond. And I used to listen to Sketches of Spain for hours. My spirit could travel beyond the hard edges of earth living and fly a little. Don Cheadle was and inspired director, and gave a believable portrayal of Miles, something hard to pull off. The story turned on Mile's addictions and his relationship with his wife Frances. Mile's music was essentially theme music, even as it underscored the movie Mile's motivation. What was most disturbing was the domestic violence. It slammed right up against an old life of mine and reminded me how what is beautiful can be broken into cutting edge pieces. He's still doing the same old thing. I broke free, and found someone who loves me. (That's an old old song, came generations before me.) And Miles was brilliant. Sometimes the finest art is made by those who are the most destructive. There's balance on this rugged earth: destruction and creation. And we are only human here as we reach for the divine in music, poetry or any of our arts, in the eyes of each other.

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Wendy Maynard said...

I'm new to your blog, but already hooked!