Child Theft

Native child theft isn't just the obvious, like the Cherokee case we are following where the child was trafficked by an attorney and "given" to a South Carolina couple, it has to do with education. In my elementary school in Tulsa, which was essentially on tribal lands, we learned that we were "other" and on the outside. We need our own Mvskoke schools with Mvskoke values. This will make for healthy cultural exchange. Respect is the keyword here, and there has been no respect. The State of South Carolina has never honored the place of indigenous peoples.

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Pamela Brown said...

Does ICWA not mean anything anymore? I cannot believe this is still happening. I remember Great Grandmother telling me the story of how she was ripped from her Creek family and given to a white family that could not even say her name. Her name was changed to Nancy because it was "close enough." To this day, we do not know what Great Grandmother's given name was. To think that the Indian Child Welfare Act was passed and to prevent such things from happening again and is being overlooked in this case is a major injustice and heart wrenching for the Natives of this land.