Red Dawn

Beautiful dawn this morning. Red bird and I watched it together. What emerged from the hem of light is this:

What if there were no right or wrong, rather, we are experiencing a story stream to understand, to grow compassion? I believe that we become every story until we learn not to judge, or hate. I have experienced this in my own life. How quickly I am placed in any situation that I have previously judged or scorned. If I feel it utterly, then I am able to let it go, and keep moving, with love.


JewelBox Acupuncture said...

So true. Thanks for the reminder.

Creatrix Weaves Webs said...

very true. This often happens to me too.I try not to judge but end up doing so and soon I find that I am in the same spot. Life teaches us interesting lessons and I believe we are spectators in our on lives