Blood Lust

Like many others I too am disturbed by the blood lust celebrations over the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Yes, Bin Laden is responsible for the deaths of thousands--but killing is no cause for celebration. Instead, this should be a time of introspection, of searching within our collective soul to properly bury the dead within us--to forgive and be forgiven.


Larry Smith/ Bottom Dog Press said...

Ah, if only it were a better world, it would be. I too feel a sense of grief over this. As wrong as Bin Laden was, to celebrate killing him denies a humanity in ourselves.

Susan said...

Thanks Joy, there has to be many peole out there that feel this way, I hope. This voice needs to be heard also. susan

jan said...

I too am amazed and saddend that people find joy in some person being killed as an excuse for justice. How does this taking of a life make us better? Jan Peissner