The Process of Writing a Memoir is Like Building a House

...."like building a house in a hurricane"--is how Faulker described the writing of a novel.
I just printed up the 300 double spaced pages, and have my scissors to see and rearrange, then go back in and write.
It's due. Now.
In the meantime, pulling up other sources, notes, and researching.
Yesterday I finally got proof that I am also African American through Osceola, his mother. His story and the story of those times are beginning to draw me in. I will write that story one day.
While the manuscript was printing I dug randomly through notes and dreams. I came upon a dream that presaged the title of Lurline's novel, which is based on the screenplay we wrote together of the same name: Between the Deep Blue Sea and Me. The title was in the dream!! As was the shark who was central to the story. It came to me in the dream, and through me to become a central character and presence in the story.
Now I want to dig through my other dreams....
No, back to the story in the whirlwind.


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Rebecca Hale said...

I wish you grace and focus as you leap and shuffle through debris and intrigue in that hurricane! I'm looking forward to that day, however soon or distant, when your memoir hits the presses. Your unexpected discoveries are rewards along the way, and I'm glad to know you'll set off on fresh digging adventures soon.

All the best to you!