More UNM Trouble

UNM appealed the Board of New Mexico's Workforce Solution decision. The board decided in my favor. They backed me up in my difficult decision to quit UNM because of an untenable workplace situation in which I could not protect my students.

Now I may have to go to court. Now I may have to pay back $12,000 because of my decision.

As they say in Hawai'i, this is "junk".


Kao said...

Joy, I am sorry to hear of the continual struggle, but I wanted to let you know how much your poetry and your art has inspired me. On days Rain did not fall, I cradled your poems and wept for everyone. On days when I felt fierce, I wrote my own poems. Thank you and keep walking in your own beauty.

Glenn Buttkus said...

Not that it is much comfort, but there
are many of us out here, who have
followed your career(s), and we stand
on line cheering that you not only
took a stand against the bulwark
BS of UNM, but are following through
with the courage of your convictions.
We send you white light, love,
condolences, good wishes, and
will buy more of your books and
CD's to assist in your war chest.

Rebecca Hale said...

"Junk" indeed. Prayers going up for you as you fight the best kind of bureaucratic fight. It's awful to learn in such detail how flagstaff universities can undermine some of their most vital faculty. We're standing behind you.