Wilma Mankiller Left this World for the Next This Morning

No words.

She leaves a trail of blessings.

May she travel well.

And may we find a way to lift up our heads from our grief.

A note from the Oklahoma Cherokee Nation:

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Dear Friends,

Our personal and national hearts are heavy with sorrow and sadness with the passing this morning of Wilma Mankiller, our former Principal Chief. We feel overwhelmed and lost when we realize she has left us but we should reflect on what legacy she leaves us. We are better people and a stronger tribal nation because her example of Cherokee leadership, statesmanship, humility, grace, determination and decisiveness. When we become disheartened, we will be inspired by remembering how Wilma proceeded undaunted through so many trials and tribulations. Years ago, she and her husband Charlie Soap showed the world what Cherokee people can do when given the chance, when they organized the self-help water line in the Bell community She said Cherokees in that community learned that it was their choice, their lives, their community and their future. Her gift to us is the lesson that our lives and future are for us to decide. We can carry on that Cherokee legacy by teaching our children that lesson. Please keep Charlie, Gina and Felicia in your prayers. Wilma asked that any gifts in her honor be made as donations to One Fire Development Corporation, a non-profit dedicated to advancing Native American communities though economic development, and to valuing the wisdom that exists within each of the diverse tribal communities around the world. Tax deductible donations can be made atwww.wilmamankiller.com as well as www.onefiredevelopment.org. The mailing address for One Fire Development Corporation is 1220 Southmore Houston, TX 77004. Details of her memorial service will be forthcoming.


Wes said...

I'am veary sorry to hear about Willma's leveing this world !! I know that she is in a better place !! She has made a Big Diforent's with alot of people !! We will MISS HER !! My Heart goes out to the FAMILY & Frends !! GOD BLESS YOU WILLMA !! You have made HISTORY for our people !! From just an Indian !! WES

Terra said...

Holding her spirit in the light