The Knowing

The knowing beyond the practical everyday mind is immense. We have poetry, music, all arts, to access, interact with it and translate it, to know who we are beyond the moment we have breath.


Cynthia said...

Yes, like a scent in the air...
just beyond us yet within us.

Rebecca Hale said...

Dear Joy,

Yes. Thank you for this reminder of the flutter behind the form, the immensity behind the skin. We are all traveling, too often haphazardly, between dreaming and waking. How ironic and magical it is that all the arts both ground us and elevate us, all in the same moment, to the soft euphoria to which we truly belong.

I will continue this comment in a message to you on your "Contact" page and hope that it reaches you. I am coming to hear you speak at Bowling Green next week and would so love to meet you, if you have any time afterward.

With love,