Roly Poly Bug People

...I’m convinced each of us here on Earth has made that leap in consciousness.. Even the roly poly bug I watched skitter quietly across the floor of the bathroom of my Kolkata hotel room, a few years ago had made that crossing. In India it was morning. In my body, it was the middle of the night. When I got up I looked through the window. I could see women across the way squatting and doing the laundry in the river, as their families swirled around them. I was delighted to see this little fellow join me in that corner of the world as I sat on the toilet. I spoke to him with my mind. I’ve always felt close to these roly poly people with their segmented, armored bodies and the ability to roll into a perfect ball when threatened. I first met them when I was a child in Oklahoma and dug in the dirt for the sheer joy of the smell of earth. They were often with me when I watched sunrise outside alone in the early warm mornings of summer. And now here in a place far away from Oklahoma, I felt properly greeted by them. As he walked away to have his breakfast, he gifted me with the vision of the light of his spirit: an exquisite glow surrounding his dignified body...

Excerpt from my memoir in progress c Joy Harjo 2009


davka said...

very beautiful.

Miriam Sagan said...

I really enjoyed this and hope to see more memoir. Joy--I've got a little interview up with Erika T. Wurth, author of INDIAN TRAIN at http://miriamswell.wordpress.com
Do you remember how many many years ago I interviewed you for a VOA segment in Santa Fe? Anyway, let me know if I can interview you for my new blog.
Miriam Sagan

Angela said...

It's refreshing to hear how connected you are to the earth. From a rolly polly...imagine that. If only if only more people could see the true beauty of the world.

Thanks for your writings and for sharing them. You can't imagine how far they go.

Angela S.