Returning from Oklahoma After Green Corn and the Fundamentalist Christians are Still Fearful

My body is still in the hum of the road. Drove all day, from ceremonies in Oklahoma, mother, family and Family. One end of the spectrum is the ribbon dance at dusk with the people as the sun travels through the trees; the other end is the constant push of religion in public, secular places. I choose to hold close that beautiful circle at dusk. I do not need to force converts. We each have our own, particular path in this world.


ordinary sparrow said...

Phew!. . .can so relate to these words, in the past month i too have drawn into the circle of family through entrance of heart and gosh darn before long pretty beliefs that divine start pulling the circle into a cinch. . .Phew! Makes me want to fill my gut with air and just wait it out, for it can squeeze a little while but not for long. . .

the exhale is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Guess what? You judge too quickly. I'm a fundamentalist Christian and I love your work. We're not all the same. It is painful to be thrown together in the same box.