On the road again: News in the Tulsa World this Saturday morning

No, I haven't been blogging...writing a book, new music and arrangements, traveling, and working on promotions for my forthcoming children's book: For A Girl Becoming, and continuing promotions of Winding Through the Milky Way, my most recent CD of music, and booking my one woman show with music, Wings of Night Sky, Wings of Morning Light.

This morning I am in Glenpool, Oklahoma, not far from my family's original allotment lands. The largest oil strike in the country took place here. My sister lives here. It has been cool here. Usually Oklahoma in June is sultry and hot.

The following news in the Tulsa World struck me for various, obvious reasons:

--25 Indians, 9 police die in Amazon land protest. Indians protesting oil and gas exploration on their lands battled police in the northern province of Utcubamba, Peru.

--A Nigerian based church has a following in Tulsa. Caleb Agadagba is the founder and pastor of the Tulsa church which has a majority of African nationals, many African-Americans and a few white Americans. He says: “A long time ago, America and Europe sent missionaries to Africa…Africa is able to send missionaries back to America and Europe…”

--American Airlines is planning to force its flight attendants to sell catalogue items on their flights. Commissions will take the place of wage increases.

Yes, we have work to do.


Jessie Carty said...

and doing it we must :)

butch said...

Ironic that we can open a newspaper, or listen to CNN any day, and these injustices grab our consciousness. Our planet shrinks more each day, through the mantle of the media, and we hear about things like ten minutes after they happen. Thanks for being our gorgeous gadfly.