Okay, Okay

Yesterday took a break. Hung out with one of my favorite people: Charlie HIll. We walked over to Amoeba Records after a late lunch at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles on Gower near Sunset where I used to always run into Mike Tyson, when I hung out in LA a few years back. We stopped at an ATM and this young native woman just happened to be there. Turns out she's Oneida and Seminole. Osceola is her last name, and she's a student at a fashion school nearby. Charlie knew many of her relatives. What are the chances? There are no accidents.


butch said...

Does Charlie have a good sense of humor in person? Some comedians are always on; kind of fatiguing for the rest of us when we stop to breathe between laughs. Charlie and the Gang at Club Red is very funny for sure. I like Grandma Mabel with her homespun advice direct from the Rez. Hope your show is doing well.


Joy said...

Yes, he is....Mostly, he's very philosophical. He studies constantly through books and people. Humor naturally springs from any real study of humans. We can be quite ridiculous and entertaining.