Here I Am

I am deep in memorizing and rehearsing my one woman show. I have to get it to the level muscle memory.

So, I apologize to all those who have sent me emails or called and I have not responded. I will be deep in show until it opens on March 12th. Then I'll be doing five shows a week at the Wells Fargo Theater at the Autry Museum in Griffith Park in LA.
I am more challenged than I have ever been in my life.
I am learning focus and belief.
As I move through the script, a one woman show I wrote: Wings of Night Sky, Wings of Morning Light, as an actor, I can see more than ever how these stories we bring into the world are not just us. The writer is the catcher, the caretaker. Most of what happens during creativity is below and way above the surface. We are not the sole author, of anything.
I remain in awe of the process.
The story is a being.
An actor becomes the story, along with the production crew, the stage and the audience as well as the atmosphere of each performance. And in this story the actor will also play saxophone and sing, with Larry Mitchell on guitar and effects.
Exciting, and absolutely terrifying!


Maria-Thérèse said...

Sounds so exciting!!! I am inspired. I'm just beginning to get serious with my writing and have only really thought of doing readings etc - but a one-woman show sounds so much more fun! Please come back to Sweden ;) :)

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butch said...

We have all been wondering what has been keeping you so busy. Your postings have been slim this month. How wonderful that you are mounting a one-woman show! I am sure it will dazzle the audience. In some ways, as a performer, a singer, a poet who recites her own work, this business of being an actor is not totally alien to you. Before I was a teacher, I was an actor, and even though those days are over 30 years in the past, I miss the energy a live audience can provide. Hope the show is such a success you will bring it up to the Northwest; lots of Joy Harjo fans up here in Seattle/Tacoma. You might even get Sherman Alexie to open for you.


susan said...

Hi Joy,
Sounds great. The same spirts that get to the writing get you through the performance. You can't go wrong. All the best. susan