Three of the Finalist Judges for Youth Speaks, July 19,2008 in Washington, D.C.

The esteemed poet Sonia Sanchez, Ishle Park who has the distinction of being the Poet Laureate of Queens, and me, just before we go to the Lincoln Theater for the Youth Speaks finals, being filmed by HBO as Brave New Voices. Congratulations to ALL the teams, especially the finalists: Rochester, Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, and the winner Team Hawaii!!

And to Santa Fe Indian School and Taos!!

All the teams.

You are brave and beautiful. Now I know that our hopes and dreams are being carried forward.

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RoberT HarBoldT said...

To Joy Harjo-Yeta Hey Girl!? 7/30
We had met at the Atlatl conf. in San Fran. in '97!
There are opportunities to have a band/sing/tell stories/ and partake in panel discussion's at the the offices of the organizer's in St. Paul, Minn; the 1st week of Sept. We need more voices there of Native Leadership, women's voices that are in the vanguard of Indigenous exemplary work...

Weisman Museum of Art; Walker Museum of Art; and other civilians on the street reporters, and live feeds from the Rep. Nat. Convent.!?

Please get ahold of "TRIBAL ART'S"
at any questions?

Miigwetch Joy;
Carry on with your warrior creed my sister!!!********************

RobT. Makwa HarBoldt (Cherokee/German)