Honor everyone who crosses your path. Everyone includes time as a person or persons. It includes sky, earth, air, water and other elemental beings. It includes your body. Think kindly; think light. Even each email, text, each word is a transmission. Each transaction brings either light or confusion. Paying attention is honoring. I will never forget the roly-poly bug making his way across the bathroom of my hotel room in Kolkata. It was only when I went into my light body, in which we were equal, that I saw the light around him, and the light trail his path made across the bathroom floor.


Sid Leavitt said...

Beautiful. Thank you.

This post is one of the reasons I continue to enjoy your weblog.

LP said...

Yes, thanks Joy. What a better world it would be if everyone held onto this simple belief honoring life.

marci said...

Namaste Joy

I read this a couple of weeks ago and have thought about this entry for it has true wisdom, i believe. When i read it i did ask, "now what does the rolly-polly have to teach"?

I was doing a web search on something else, and came across this short description of the rolly-polly. " Rolly-polly are more often called pill bugs or wood lice, but they are crustaceauns, like crabs and lobsters. They eat dead wood. When threatened they curl up into a ball like an armadillo. They make good pets and are safe."