This morning early I headed out with the Sun to go visit a teacher. She's been a teacher of mine for years, though neither she or I would necessarily couch the relationship in those terms. From her I have learned a reverence for the earth as a being, for the water, a reverence for reverence. I have learned about paying respect for the gifts of the spirit. I have learned to accept the uniqueness of my own experience and spirit, and the uniqueness of others. She's a hard worker. I have seen her help strangers as well as family. She does so without question, and always does anything to the best of her ability. She would not want me to post her name here and would be embarrassed if she knew I was talking about her. She's a true human being. 

We are all teachers to each other. 

Unfortunately, some who teach, or call themselves teachers have forgotten why they are here, the nature of their calling, and the responsibility of their position. 

Be wary of anyone who puts themselves above all other teachers. They do not listen, and will not listen to you.
Be wary of anyone who assures you that theirs is the only way, who tells you they are the coolest, the smartest, the best.  They will do anything to get their way.
Be wary of anyone who makes fun of others inside or outside the classroom.  They do not respect themselves.
Be wary of anyone who seeks to separate you from the community, to make their own privileged inside circle of admirers. They do not love themselves and cannot love anyone else.
Be wary of anyone who attempts to  lure you with praise, promises of perks and thrills.  Everything has a cost.

Your experiences are your teachers. And even our most misguided teachers can ironically be the most important teachers.

Most of all, pay attention to that wise teacher who is within you, within all of us.  That wise one will always lead you in the right direction, and that direction is always towards some form of compassion. 

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