On Walking Through Fire

There is no "self"-destructive behavior.
It touches everyone.


Anonymous said...

So true!

(Hi Joy, this is Karisma, your old poetry student from UCLA; I read this blog pretty regularly.)

No two lines of words could be more poignant to me, at a time when my dear younger brother is acting incredibly "self-destructive." I had one of those light bulb: yes! moments. Such is the power of poetry, of brevity.

Just wanted to say thank you for writing; your words and pictures are always (to me) affective, awe-inspiring, contemplative, and peaceful somehow.

Joy said...

Hello Karisma, Nice to hear from you.
Where are you?

Anonymous said...


I currently live in the enormous tiny city of San Francisco. In January, I will have been here a year.


nick.spiva said...

Great insight. Funnily enough I also have a younger brother who was stoically "self-destructive", fortunately he has stopped, or at least gone on hiatus. (I'm just a kid that read Santa Fe and fell in momentary love with a string of words)