As I'm packing (it doesn't appear to get any easier) I keep thinking about an account I just read late last night of a woman whose sister returned to her after her death. She told her sister: "Although you think of us over here as ghosts, to us it is the other way around. We look upon you as spooks and shadowy beings..." p.199

Another woman, Sherrana P. appeared to her husband Ronald and said" "Darling, if you can grasp the concept that thoughts are things, you'll be in a marvelous position to understand many of the essential mysteries of the universe..." p.199

And finally, or not so finally, a Tiffany told her husband Norman that the "...principal difference between life on Earth and the other side is the fact that we living humans exist in a material world wherein everything is governed by physical laws...

And primarily, she said:"...over there, love is the principal energy that controls every thought, every deed, every vibration."

Something to think about...I've often heard rejoicing on the other side when someone passes out of this world.
And I'm beginning to think that in the beginning of our teachings here, we understood that love was the principal energy. That thought characterizes what I know of indigenous thought, Mvskoke philosophy....

All quoted spirits from: Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits and Haunted Places, Brad Steiger, Visible Ink Press Detroit 2003


Gabriele Drozdowski said...


I just want to thank you for your informative article on the recent HBO movie "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee".

It revealed the many layers of hidden history to me, and I now don't feel so bad that I actually liked the movie.

Of course, I'm a Wasichu, one that's doing everything I can to learn the truth and support the most highly evolved civilization to grace the planet.

My best to you and all those who fight for our earth.

psbowe said...

Awesome blog, I'll certainly have do more reading when I get some time. I've always enjoyed your work.

marcie said...

We release the contraction
Embrace (surrender?) to the expansion. Just like the form of your writing.
It is the heartbeat, in Expansion.

Percy Lezard said...

Morning & Wuyt from an Okanogan sister.

I came across your blog and wanted to send my greetings to you, Joy.

I have not seen you for approximately 2 years since you were performing at Hugh's Room here in Toronto.

I hope all is well with you and look forward to new writings/books/articles. As I have found inspiriation and warmth over the years since I first was introduced to your work and to you in the territory of my mother's people, in 1990 at the Enowkin Centre.

Respectfully & in solidarity,

percy lezard
wolf clan