Getting ready to leave again, for New York City, then Europe. Interesting what you chose to photograph, and what you don't--same in poetry, story, and the way we walk through our lives. We might observe one line, one particular quality of spectrum, and leave out the rest. For instance, the morning after I returned from Colgate University (and I HAVE photos) and a band performance with my new band JOY HARJO AND THE ARROW DYNAMICS BAND (I need photos if anyone has any) at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, I was up at 4AM. Went down to Kaimana Beach just before sunrise, under a stormy sky. Here's the photo I took. I looked around, and there was a police car that had pulled up on the grass behind us. A beloved one unwound on depression and painkillers walked by. She left her mate for the night who was being apprehended by the HPD between two palms on the beach, in front of a hotel.

And, aloha Honolulu.

More later.


Abbie said...

Joy, there was a guest at the at St. Mary's dinner on March 8 who took some really interesting photos in black and white of you and the band. I think you would like them. How do I get copies to you? Or I could e-mail them.

Abbie said...

There are some great black and white photos of Joy and Arrow Dynamics at the St. Mary's University dinner taken by a guest.

Joy said...

Hello Abbie, Please email me the photos. mekkopoet@earthlink.net

josie said...

Joy, It was wonderful to see you, hear your voice and feel your spirit during your visit to San Antonio. I was nervous about reading my response to your poetry (Equinox) but you put us all at ease. I am looking forward to your next visit. Thank you.


Brandon said...

You have a beautiful blog. I so admire your poetry and your work. Kudos from Brandon over at Juliusspeaks!