Trees and New Beginnings

Last week headed over to the Big Island, or rather, dragged. I was pretty sick with some viral thing I brought back with me to Hawaii. I'd cough violently at sleep and on waking, and less so other times. During the day I could put one foot in front of the other and enjoy the beauty. The journey was marked by the wisdom of trees. Two were companions in the rainforest bordering Kilauea crater. They called me over twice. Another was a banyan in Hilo (not this one) at dusk. I found it after walking over a curved bridge lined with candles scented with lavendar. I kept looking for a bridal party. No one around, but quiet, and the banyan tree.

May we learn more from trees this next year, than from the television.

Have a good one.


erin said...


she is a beauty. a circle made of trees. weaving itself together. weaving a song

to sing

our way into the new year

loud & proud for love & light

higher, still

sing it from a mountaintop, baby!

Bo said...

Hello Joy:

I was wondering if you live in Hawaii full time? I'm thinking of relocating there myself. Thanks.

Joy said...

Hello Bo, Mostly for the last eight years. Now I spend parttime back in New Mexico. So, am in both places.