How Dreams Become Manifest, or Vice Versa

From a six a.m. journal this morning:

I dream I need to pee. I need to pee badly. I look for a toilet. There is one. It is occupied. I am next in line, yet someone else jumps in. Another woman approaches from the north and assumes preference because she cannot see our line. She leaps to the door ahead of me. And so on. Then i search for another toilet, and find one, open. Two young women push ahead of me. I am furious and tell them it's my turn, I have to pee. They aren’t sympathetic.

Then I awaken into body consciousness with a terrible need to pee.

Did the urge, the intent, the need awaken or make a story? Does an urge, a need, an intent of a person, plant, animal, element, a community, a nation, a universe, or a time gather around itself the story, (or gather together) the images, the sound so that it may push up on its elbows and emerge to make sense, to weld context with idea and body?

We are in a constant, creative process.

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