P.S. to Sunday Evening

1. I don't think you can buy beer in Oklahoma on Sundays. Or you couldn't when I lived there. Or you couldn't buy it legally. We used to live next door to the bootlegger. They were my parents' friends. Lots of parties.

2. I heard today for the second time that people think it's me who started the "Frybread Kills" campaign. Not me. It's not frybread that kills. It's too much frybread, too much grease, too much sugar, too much sadness, too much grief, too much feeling sorry, too much anger, too much racism, too much tv, too much pop (or soda), too much violence, too many pills, too many cigarettes, too much war, not enough kindness, not enough money, not enough music, not enough laughter, not enough vegetables, not enough herbs, not enough compassion, not enough respect, not enough reverence, not enough thoughtfulness, not enough breath, not enough clean water, not enough prayers, not enough love, not enough dancing and singing together, not enough--

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