From the Faraona Hotel in Lima

Tomorrow it's to the Lima Airport for a plane to Iquitos at 4 AM. Tonight it's a mediocre keyboard-organ player in the restaurant of a tourist hotel here in Miraflores whose sound permeates the hotel. When Americans arrive he plays themes to American shows. The rooms are built around a courtyard about five stories up. At least he's a musician who has a job. That matters. Sound travels: a light motorbike revs up and disappears, couples walking the street, a bus load of Austrian tourists checks in. I arrived a few hours earlier from Cusco and the ever-presence of Inca architecture and spirit. There's more, much more and I will backtrack write as I can. All I know for now is that I didn't sleep much last night in the bare but warm-spirited Hotel Los Ninos in Cusco. The high altitude headache was partly responsible, and the pondering over the day's journey through the Sacred Valley. Nothing much changes at all.

More later.

Sleep now.

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