In the studio, on the road

It's an seasonably hot early evening in Los Angeles. Working in the studio on the new tracks here in Los Feliz. The Oneida funny man Charlie Hill was in yesterday jamming on a funky new Round Dance song. Carolyn Dunn, Mvskoke, of the Mankillers added her gorgeous voice to the vocals. (See the photo in our photo album.) We were all part of the entertainment Thursday night for the California Indian Education Conference at the Westin, along with Arigon Starr, Floyd Westerman and others. (If I had the names of the "and others" I'd include them here. I never liked being listed as "and others", but am and was always grateful for a place to be.) Right now we're editing, "The Last World of Fire and Trash", one of my favorite new tunes. Features Jay Bellerose on drums, Jennifer Condos on bass and Harry Orlove on guitar. Look for the preview of Native Joy for Real in mid to late May.

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