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It is almost three in the morning here. I will not put the FB page down. Tomorrow I go to the West Bank. I have learned more by being here than signing a paper from a safe room.

I realize that I was defensive very quickly and probably should have waited to make any statement. I really didn't know about the boycott. I have not been in the academic world for awhile. And I real
ly do have questions about boycotts of the arts and cultures because dialogues between artists and cultural thinkers take us beyond the laws and borders of countries.

Yet, I understand given the history why stepping into Israel in this time is controversial and could be perceived as crossing a line in support of killing. I am not a killer. Nor do I condone killing. I believe in human rights.

My art demands that I stand as a truth teller. The spirit of art is the toughest teacher and I believe it has led me here to stand in this place. It is not an easy place to be misunderstood and attacked by those with whom you feel an alliance. I believe there is a reason for it though I don't quite understand all of it yet. I don't know that much but have to be true to what I have learned.

I do know that I will attempt to use this energy to the best of my ability for some kind of healing and understanding. I believe that in the end compassion and seeing each other as beloved relatives, even our enemies, is more powerful than guns.

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Anita and Bruce Hensley said...

Grace to you, and praying for protection and asking that our Grandfather, the Creator of all, grant you wisdom and peace.